ETEC 642 Summer 2013

Facilitating E-Learning Communities

Exploration of tools and design considerations for effective online communication and development of learning communities. Prerequisite : ETEC major or consent.



This course will explore the use of social media for teaching, learning, and facilitating e-learning communities. The buzz on social media continues in an unprecedented pace. People worldwide continue to share information as text, media, and images at rates that boggle the mind.

Course Description & Content

Students in ETEC 642 will explore and evaluate online tools, discussions and strategies for integrating social media in teaching and learning.

The content for this course revolves around the following themes:

  • Identifying applicable social media and related technologies for learning.
  • Hands-on work with social media applications.
  • Technology implications for teaching, learning, creativity, and research.
  • Technologies likely to have an impact on education over the next five years.
  • Role and use of social media in teaching and learning.
  • Internet privacy, safety, and intellectual property.
  • Issues and controversies related to social media use in teaching and learning.
  • Social media applications for professional development.
  • Developing and maintaining a personal learning network.

Please download the Course Syllabus here.


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